Friday, September 10, 2010

Test Post #2

This is another test post.

It has multiple paragraphs.

It has quotes from other people and 

... with several paragraphs inside of them

  • It has
  • An unordered list
  • of elements

and it also has

  1. An 
  2. ordered
  3. list
  4. of
  5. elements


There's also some

randomly indented stuff.

And some more.


There are also some links.

And a centered piece of information


And some stuff in different font sizes with different font weights and styles and colors.

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Test Post #1

This is a test post.

Lorem ipsum dolore amat, sicut cervus desiderat ad fontes aquaram ita anima mea Dominum ...


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Friday, February 20, 2009

Desiring Patience

Brick by brick and slowly
Is the solemn structure made,
Step by step and swiftly
does a racer win the day.
Inch by inch in marble
Is the craftsman's work revealed,
And mile by mile in dust,
is the path of the pilgrim sealed.

God of the meandering heavens,
God of the rushing fields,
God of the sleeping cities,
God of the turning wheels,
Teach me the slow things slowly,
Teach me the swift things fast,
Teach me peace in the hustle and bustle,
Teach me patience in the things that last.

Friday, January 30, 2009


"I sought you in the narrow ways
in soot and shifting shadows
I sought you on the mountaintops
'Till I was weak and sallow."
I paused within the middle way,
My hopes failed with the sky
As the sun fell under darkness
I fell forward with a cry.

"God of love," my cry came bitt'rly,
"Thou measurest all things well,
You know how far I am from Thee 
And how close I am to hell.
Spare just a word for the sinner
But one soft sigh for the damned
Slake his thirst who has sought for You
Across an ocean of sand."

My cry then broke off sharply and
I pitched forward to the sand
And as I lay, I heard a gasp
As if from a running man.
"Please thou give Him just a moment"
Said the deep voice of the land,
"He's run so hard to catch you that
He has hardly breath to stand."

Thursday, December 11, 2008

As If From An Organ

Be gentle my love, for I am weak
A breath may be my undoing,
A sigh may slay me in my seat.
Torn by vicious forces, I am bruised
And all but lost.  Praised be He Who
does not break the reed,
Praised be He Who seeks the lost.


I no longer remember what this poem was for.  So, for now, I am putting it up in its incompleteness.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

God's Battle Line

Like men set fast in battle array,
Stand these before me in the fray,
Matthew holds by the old stone wall --
What rests in eternity does not fall.
Mark bends his knee and strings his bow,
Doubt not, he is greater than his foe
Nor doubt the strength in old Luke's arms
Suffices to guard his friends from harm.
For is not the weakest greater than he
Who denies his Lord for eternity?
Behold last, and greater than all the rest
Than man, ox, or beast of wilderness
The eagle of Patmous, the youngest of all
Yet surest and wisest of all the Lord's thralls.
For who shall question the wisdom of He,
Called beloved of God from eternity?

Friday, August 25, 2006

And so it begins ...

I am off to Rome. The posts may diminish, they may increase, or they may stay absolutely the same. (Few drafted, and fewer published.)

Pray for me, and I will pray for you!

The Eagle (of St. John)

For the light in his eyes is the light of the sun
The awesome golden light of the Truth
And his voice is an echo of the rhyme of the Word

Monday, May 29, 2006

Queen of Love, Second Cause of Salvation

A woman walks in grace apart
Oh, angels hold your breath above
Be still, be still my racing heart
Lest she startle like a dove.

Great Gabriel, on wings unseen
Bear greeting to God’s newfound queen
Call Her by Her sacred name
Hail, Maria free of shame.

Humble, kindly, full of love
As noble as the stars above
Gentle as a newborn lamb
Handmaid of the Lord, I AM.

Will you bear a child for Him
He of Whom the psalmists sing
Oh, Lady of the joyful hymn
What answer shall I to God bring?

Oh, if I could plumb your depths
Queen most humble, Queen most blest.
And comprehend the simple Love
That moved you to accept the Dove.

The Love as deep as the Abyss
The Love that frames the starry mists
The Love that mirrors God’s own Life
The Love for which He made you wife.

I could not leave that last, whatever that was, as my last post. Hence this poem, which I wrote about four months ago. I offer it now for your consideration and pleasure.

It almost works ... but it makes no sense

There are times when writing is the last thing you want to do
When everything around you is slowing down and morning dew
Bespangles the brow of the earth. Yet at those times with due
Thought, the most profound discoveries can be made. Due
However to the lack of sleep on the part of this author the only dew
That might yet be on his mind would be of the mountain variety. Dude.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


With back to the battle I stand yet unwounded,
My armour unbattered, my sword yet unnotched.
No foe has fallen to my ancient sword,
Shall I stand disgraced before my comrades, my lord?
Am I not Unferth, a great warrior renowned,
My name a terror, my head yet unbowed?
How long will I waver between terror and pride
Shall Unferth be first or shall I be denied?
Disgraced in my kin's eyes I shall appear
Unless by great deeds I prove I have conquered my fear
Or ... if I should act brave, but take no great risks
Perhaps none will note that something's amiss.


Unferth is a character from the old norse tale Beowulf, one of the most beautiful old english poems on the earth. He is rather a coward, and when Beowulf shows up at court he tries to make him look foolish and weak, and fails miserably when Beowulf answers his boasts and needling comments with accounts of brave deeds. I was trying to capture some of Unferth's vaccilations in this poem while showing his good side too. However, I have been trying too hard I think. It needs to have another stanza of twelve lines, but that will have to wait. (It is supposed to be 12, 11, 10; 12, 11, 10 etc. with rhyming couplets in ... well I can never see the meter in a poem, so it is just supposed to be in the same meter, whatever that may be.) Post now, alter later.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

A simple poem

Storm clouds roll around the palace of the sun
Thunderclap and lightning flash seem like distant guns
The armies of the darkness surround the walls of truth
Battle lines are drawn upon the plains of joy and youth
Naught seems left for the defense, no hope left at all
The enemy’s grim and powerful, good’s chance of victr’y small.
Yet upon those plains unbounded by aught save land and sky
There stands a hope beyond all hopes, the one who cannot die.
Yet He is not as other hopes, a shining figure armed
With armor fair of double proof, nor plumed like Caesar's guard.
His armor is His sun-browned skin, now crossed with bleeding scars
His crown a cap of cruel, dark thorns that cut and prick and mar.
His charger is an oaken tree, and was shaped by evil men
It seems a twisted, devilish thing, a monster from the fens.
"Death, death, death" cries the armies spawned in hell
Their trumpets blast, the very earth cracks and looses creatures great and fell.
Reeling back and holding, then falling back in fear
The armies of the best of men seem to fade and disappear.
One sole remnant, a meager few, make their stand about their Lord
And as it seems the day is done and they are for the sword,
A single cry escapes the lips of Jesus Christ the Lord.
Consummatum est!
Back are rolled the armies of the dark's own meager king
Back and back and back again they fall as that voice rings!
For in that moment is revealed as plain as brightest day
That the darkness has not conquered Him, it is He that's conquered they!
All glory to the Word of God, that great and merc'ful king
Who grievely wronged by Adam's sin defeated sin for him.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Arise my beloved, my beautiful one and come

To any and all who happen upon this place;
Upon this day, in this month, within the span of this year and forever forseen in the mind of God, I, Sean Michael Edmund Vieira do hereby dedicate this web log to the honor and glory of God under the special protection of the Holy Spirit and the patronage of Saint Francis de Sales. I pray that it may be a source of light to you if you are honest, source of comfort if you are berieved, a source of inspiriation if you are consumed by enui, and a source of grace no matter what state you may be in. The purpose of this place is simply to provide a space for me to write in, for pleasure, for improvement, and most of all for God's honor and glory.
God bless you traveller, and I bid thee welcome.

Yours in Christ;